Even after two years of tedious debate over whether or not Tom Brady and the Patriots could have masterminded a plot to mildly deflate some footballs, the NFL does not plan to use microchips installed in footballs to track PSI numbers.

The NFL is putting microchips in footballs, though. The goal of the chips is to help determine whether or not the league should narrow the uprights -- a set of "instrumented" footballs will be used in the preseason in order to figure out exactly where footballs are crossing the invisible plane.
The goal is to collect a ton of data about football movement in order to potentially make a rule change. Essentially it's data collection to be more accurate.

Which is precisely what the benefit of grabbing PSI numbers would serve, even if it's August.

And yet, as reported by Kevin Seifert of ESPN, the league isn't going to get the PSI numbers, even though it could.