This holiday break comes at a good time for the Rangers, who are tired, worn down and now have time to refocus after a two-game wake-up call that was as shocking — if not more — than their 13-4-0 start.

They went into this three-day, league-wide break beginning Saturday still reeling from a 7-4 loss to the Wild on Friday night at the Garden, which was the follow-up effort to a 7-2 loss in Pittsburgh on Tuesday. For the group that started the season by scoring a ton of goals then segued into showing the ability to win in those tighter-checking games with more postseason sensibilities, this was more than just a blip on the radar.

This was a flare that went up signaling there might be problems on Broadway, which should be figured out before this cutthroat Metropolitan Division gets away from them.

“It stings right now the way that our last two games have gone,” captain Ryan McDonagh said after the game. “Obviously we enjoy family time and whatnot with Christmas, but at the end of the day, we’re professionals here. We want to take pride in our job and focus on what we can do individually to be better coming back here after this break.”