With some people, the less they offer, the more captivating they become.

There are mesmerizing qualities about San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, and not just because he has the running gait of a tall thoroughbred and the arm strength of a pitching machine.

Although the fascination starts there.

"I don't mess with the Jugs because you can't put the Jugs machine up to how he throws the ball," said 49ers wide receiver Randy Moss. "I remember Brett Favre early in his career, he broke a couple fingers but he broke them out in the tundra. Kaep is breaking fingers in 60-, 70-degree weather."

Said Baltimore Ravens cornerback Corey Graham, who picked off Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning twice in a Jan. 12 playoff game and is preparing to meet Kaepernick in Super Bowl XLVII at the Superdome on Sunday: "It's rare that you can find a quarterback who can run that well and also throw that well. I put him in that category with RGIII."

Robert Griffin III is similar to Kaepernick in quarterback style, but not in personality. Griffin is personable, expansive in his responses, wide with his smile. He exudes confidence and conviction.

The Super Bowl media podiums have never hosted another quarterback quite like Kaepernick. He is not shy or agitated, but his answers are brief. No sense talking in paragraphs when a word or two will do.

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