No longer just sabotaging themselves with horrible stretches that dig deep holes on the road, the Rockets moved Wednesday to tormenting themselves, too.

As they had throughout the road trip slide, the Rockets rallied back, this time going a step further to come back from a 15-point deficit to a fourth-quarter tie with less than two minutes left.

With the game within reach, however, the Rockets fell apart in the final minutes again, with James Harden coming up empty on consecutive drives, Jeremy Lin missing a free throw and turning the ball over and the Mavericks doing just enough to hold on for a 105-100 win that sent the Rockets to a season-high fifth-consecutive loss.

The Mavericks four-game winning streak is their longest of the season, and gives them nine-consecutive wins at home against the Rockets with the Rockets dropping their 13th consecutive road game against a division opponent.

The Rockets, however, will be most frustrated by the chances they had, with Harden getting to the rim easily with the game tied only to have Elton Brand swat away his drive. After O.J. Mayo put in a pair of free throws with 62 seconds left, Lin cut the lead to one and Harden had another drive to take the lead.