Every year after one of the final home games of the season, the Bruins hold the ceremony in which they remove the sweaters they’ve just worn in the game and hand them over to lucky fans who won their spot in a drawing.

But this year, in light of the heroism shown in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings, some season ticket-holders came up with the idea that, this year, those shirts should go to first responders.

“It was an organic thing, an idea that some of our season ticket-holders came up with and they let us know about it. It just took off from there,” said media relations representative Eric Tosi.

And so after the B’s 3-0 win over the Panthers yesterday, members of responding police and fire departments as well as medical professionals got a nice souvenir.

“I think it could be nice if we could change jerseys. We’d be more honored to get something from them,” Chris Kelly said. “It was a special thing.”

Andrew Ference loved the fact that the fans initiated the gesture.

“That’s when it’s most special — when it’s not forced. It’s something that it’s from the heart and it’s from people that want to do something,” Ference said.

While it wasn’t the first time B’s players have had a chance to interact with first responders over the past week, the ceremony meant a lot to them.