Short of landing Kansas City’s Mike Moustakas, who would be an exciting third-base acquisition for the Red Sox now that Todd Frazier is gone to the Yankees?

That’s the Red Sox’ dilemma.

Some say the Red Sox should allow prospect Rafael Devers to develop at Pawtucket and if they are still hurting for a third baseman, bring him up and take a chance that a 20-year-old can handle a pennant race.

We are not sure why the Red Sox passed on Frazier, other than they weren’t sold on him.

Dave Dombrowski is not going to reveal his hand.

“That’s for our internal discussions at this time,” Dombrowski said when asked if he believed he had a better option than Frazier.

Dombrowski said, “We had some interest [in Frazier] but I’m not surprised he went to the Yankees.”

The White Sox did not believe the Red Sox were serious about Frazier. There might have been inquiries and due diligence was done, but the Red Sox acted as if Frazier was not a top priority.