New Orleans Saints wide receiver Marques Colston isn’t your average NFL wide receiver and we mean that in the greatest way possible.

Colston is by no means average on the field, but we’re talking about something else. When you think of an NFL wide receiver you think of a diva. Whether it’s Chad Johnson, Terrell Owens or someone more recent like Dez Bryant, most NFL receivers are known for being cocky and letting the world know how they feel via their mouths.

Not Colston.

Colston is the utmost professional on and off the field. Part of the reason you may not know he’s had 1,000 yard seasons in six out of his seven years in the NFL is because he keeps to himself on and off the field.

On the field you won’t see Colston throwing temper tantrums because he isn’t getting the ball. Most NFL receivers would potentially find the situation in New Orleans frusturating despite catching passes from Drew Brees. A lot of the attention goes to one of the NFL’s greatest tight ends in Jimmy Graham. Various other receiving threats including running back Darren Sproles see a lot of passes thrown their way.
Yet, you never hear Colston complain or show frustration. Oh, and he still puts up over 1,000 yards and scores multiple times.