Last week, Saints head coach Sean Payton said his coaching hires would begin in earnest once all the excitement and hoopla of Super Bowl XLVII had died down. With the Ravens being crowned champions in the Superdome on Sunday night, that time is now.

The Saints have five coaching positions that need to be filled, some more important than others. They're currently in the market for a new defensive coordinator, secondary coach, assistant defensive line coach, offensive line coach, and assistant special teams coach.

Obviously, the biggest and most important hire is defensive coordinator. Who the team chooses to lead this new 3-4 defense will invariably determine the direction this team heads in 2013. The secondary and assistant defensive line coaching positions will most likely be filled once a coordinator is named.

Normally when it comes to important positions like coordinators, it's a race to grab the best possible candidate for the job before they're taken. Considering Payton wanted to wait until after the Super Bowl, however, it might very well mean he's got his eye on someone from the staff of the 49ers and/or Ravens.