Saints receiver Lance Moore would prefer not to be called the old man on the team. But at 29 he's already earning that distinction.

"I don't really like it" he joked. "I don't want Sean (Payton) to come up to me and call me one of the old guys.

"He has done it a couple times already during camp and I don't want to get that label."

But joking aside Moore doesn't really mind when he considers where he came from -- an undrafted rookie who made the team by way of the practice squad. Now he's one of quarterback Drew Brees' favorite and most reliable targets.

"It is definitely a credit to the way that I work and coming from where I came from to get to this point" he said. "This is my ninth training camp and about seven days in it feels like it's my 15th.

"I feel good and I'm just trying to continue on forward."

Perhaps it's another credit to Moore that his name is constantly brought up by the younger receivers as an example of a player they admire.

"Lance in my opinion is one of the best route runners there is" said receiver Joe Morgan. "To have a guy like that trying to teach you how to run routes it's something that you have to listen to.