Not long after the 4:12 mark of the first quarter Saturday night, when LeBron James had first exited the game, did a gentleman in khakis and a dress shirt with the collar unbuttoned hurry from the tunnel at The Q carrying an iPad toward the Cavs' bench.

Uploaded to the iPad were a number of offensive possessions from James' initial court time in the Cavs' eventual 116-105 win over the Charlotte Hornets, and the team employee was booking it from the video room to hand James the tablet for his study.

It just so happened, in this instance, that James waved off the iPad, sending the carrier back down the tunnel without having studied the uploaded information.

The Cavs know to have that iPad ready every time James comes to the bench, though, because he often studies the instant video cut-ups from the minutes he was on the court while he rests during games.

James is kind of taking advantage of a new NBA rule that allows teams to instantly upload in-game footage to iPads from behind the bench for players and coaches to use.

We say "kind of" here because the Cavs don't actually upload the footage to iPads behind the bench -- they still do it in their video room in the bowels of The Q.

But in the spirit of the new rule, James has begun studying the iPad during games, and is the only Cav to do so.