Sean Payton's coaching tree saw one branch strengthen Sunday as former New Orleans Saints offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Doug Marrone reportedly accepted the Buffalo Bills head-coaching job.

And being the elder statesman of his family coaching tree, Payton said he gave Marrone as much advice as he could as Marrone reportedly drew interest from a couple of other teams before deciding on Buffalo.

Payton said he spoke with Marrone two or three times during the last couple of weeks to help him sort out the process of interviewing for an NFL head coaching job and briefly helped sort out which position would be best for him.

"Really, he had a couple of specific questions and the one thing that I can recall our conversations centering around was the comfort level (with the team)," Payton said Sunday. "There's somebody you're going to meet in the process that you're going to work with and turn the program around. Any of these job openings, they all have weaknesses because they wouldn't be open if they didn't.

"I kind of really equated it to the process I went through and having a chance to meet and get to know Mickey (Loomis) and Mr. (Tom) Benson. There are a lot of things you could find wrong with certain jobs, but you have to find that certain person or two and the ownership you feel that can really help you. I felt that way, and I think in Doug's case, I went back to that experience with him. The interaction you have with your general manager and your owner is going to be not just occasional. It's going to be daily. You've got to have a comfort level."