The Jimmer jet officially touched down in Sacramento around 5 p.m. Friday afternoon, carrying Kings rookie Jimmer Fredette, and the scene at Sacramento International Airport was fit for a rock star of Bono's ilk, not a smiling 22-year-old from upstate New York.

Welcome to the Jimmer Show.

A few hundred people crowded around baggage claim at Terminal A for a glimpse of the former BYU star, who was acquired by the Kings in the first round of Thursday's NBA draft.

The newest addition to the Kings roster arrived with three handlers at his side and lived up to descriptions of his demeanor, remaining calm and at ease in the face of a media horde.

"I'm excited to be in Sacramento," Fredette said, laughing at a question on whether he was worried about being able to take over the team in his first year.

The hype machine was churning, and the fervor of Kings fans was palpable. Several losing seasons left the Kings with highly touted draft picks Tyreke Evans (No. 4 two years ago), and DeMarcus Cousins (No. 5 last year). But neither generated the hoopla that surrounded Fredette's arrival.

That may be because "Jimmermania" preceded Fredette's selection, as shown by a growing list of "Jimmerisms" touting the talents of the star who is Jimmer Fredette.

"Superman sleeps in a Jimmer Fredette jersey." "Jimmer was in Star Wars - he played 'the Force.' " "Twitter follows Jimmer."

The list goes on. Fredette's place in pop culture was cemented with the YouTube hit "Teach Me How to Jimmer," a remix of the popular song "Teach Me How to Dougie" set to Fredette's BYU highlights. The clip got millions of views in days.