In a little over a month and a half, the future of the Sacramento Kings will be decided by 30 men in a board room in New York. Their choice will however be influenced by the work (and money) put in by both cities over these last few months and years.

At the center of both bids is the necessity to build a brand new arena. The city of Seattle's rejection of a new arena in 2008 cost them an NBA franchise and the city of Sacramento's failure to build a new arena over the last decade may cost them their own.

Now though, both cities are moving forward with their own arena plans. Sacramento's is centered on a partnership between the city of Sacramento and billionaire Ron Burkle, with the intention of building an arena at Downtown Plaza. A couple days ago we heard from City Manager John Shirey as saying that his goal was to bring a term sheet to the City Council to vote on by April 2nd. Now though, the Bee's Ryan Lillis is reporting that the city is instead targeting March 26th, so as to give the NBA's Board of Governors more time to vet the plan. Shirey added that he plans to begin the formal negotiations with the Burkle-Mastrov group next week. The timeline is ambitious, but the city has experience in these types of situations; Last year, Mayor Johnson and his team sat down with the NBA and the Maloofs at All-Star weekend and negotiated a non-binding term sheet in three days. Unfortunately the Maloofs backed out of that deal a few months later, eventually leading us to the situation we are in now.