Last week was not the best for Nick Saban. After being openly bashed by multiple, big-name coaches over his attempted end-around to slow down the HUNH, his reputation has taken a hit not seen since he lied to the Miami Dolphins about his future some seven years ago.

Not only has his credibility been called into question, it appears now that his moronic proposal is all but dead. He can partly thank his partner in crime, Arkansas coach Bret Bielema.

Bielema’s the sleaziest coach in the SEC and that’s saying a lot considering Dan Mullen is still around. He was called on the carpet this week by California athletic director Sandy Barbour following the death of Bear football player Ted Agu on February 7th.

Shockingly, Bielema tried to bring Agu’s recent death into the discussion about the Hurry-Up, No Huddle offense. The remarks sent Barbour into orbit, tweeting this week:

“Bret Bielema’s comments about our Ted Agu are misinformed, ill-advised and beyond insensitive.”

Barbour went on to write: “Using the tragic loss of one of our student athletes as a platform to further a personal agenda in a public setting is beyond inappropriate.”

This is who Nick Saban has aligned himself with now.

Writing about Saban two weeks in a row is something I try to stay away from, but it’s just too good to pass up. It’s like he’s completely lost his mind. And now he’s drawn criticism from his own fans by being named in a lawsuit over a proposed Mercedes dealership in Birmingham.

It appears he wants to put his name on every new Mercedes sold in Jefferson County. Doesn’t he know that Alabama fans don’t drive Mercedes? Does he really believe an Auburn person will drive one with his name on it? Who’s going to buy?

I’m telling you, this guy is slowly losing his mind. Who knew that one second would have such an effect on a man’s psyche? This reminds me of the good ole days with Mike Shula…

Call it boredom, but I found myself watching coverage of the NFL Combine over the weekend. I knew Greg Robinson was special, but he has a legitimate shot to be a superstar in the NFL. ESPN’s Mel Kiper now has him listed as the top lineman in this year’s class.