Friday night, the Nationals completed their collapse against the Braves on the back of Ryan Zimmerman's mistake. With Tom Gorzelanny on the mound in the 11th inning of a tie game, he ranged to his left to make a fabulous stop, but he spun and flung an off-line, wild throw wide of Adam LaRoche. It put the winning run on second base, and that run would provide the difference. "That's the play," Zimmerman said afterward. "I would do it again if I had the same opportunity."

The same opportunity came again Monday night. In the ninth inning of a tie game, with the walk-off run on second base and Gorzelanny on the mound, Jason Bay hit a groundball to Zimmerman's left. He lunged to field the ball, and as he twisted he had a decision to make. He could hold the ball and guarantee to hold Daniel Murphy at second base, or he could try to make the same the same spinning throw that foiled the Nationals on Friday.