On Sunday, Nationals manager Matt Williams said third baseman Ryan Zimmerman had inflammation in his right shoulder but there wasn't any structural damage.

However, Williams went on 106.7 The Fan FM on Monday night and gave a much worse description of Zimmerman's shoulder, saying the slugger has an arthritic shoulder. It looks like Zimmerman will see action at first base soon if he is not put on the disabled list.

"We have to look at Ryan, though, and say, 'Would I like Ryan to play third?' Yeah, I would. For a long time? Yes," Williams told the station. "But the fact of the matter is, Ryan's got an arthritic shoulder."

"It gives him problems, and sometimes it's tough on him. So we've started to do some things at first base with him, where we can give him a break sometimes, in that regard, so he can go play first. He enjoys playing first. We did a little bit at Spring Training, worked hard at the position, and he enjoys it over there.

"So it gives us options, it gives him an option to go play first when his shoulder's bothering him, or he needs a day, his legs need a day from playing third, or whatever it is. Those options are always there. So, do I see him moving to first? Yeah, from time to time. But I would like him to be our third baseman for a long time. We have to take into account his shoulder, too. And that's a concern. It's a concern of his; it's a concern of everybody else. We're going to have to give him a break sometime."

In Saturday's 6-2 loss to the Braves, Andrelton Simmons hit what looked like a routine ground ball to Zimmerman, whose high throw to first pulled Adam LaRoche off the bag, with the ball tipping off the first baseman's glove and then bouncing into the stands, allowing Justin Upton to score to make it a one-run game.