Ryan Zimmerman smashed his first home of the season in the fourth inning of a 10-3 win over the Miami Marlins on Monday, but he trotted gingerly as he rounded the bases. It was the first visible sign that anything was bothering him, and he completed the game at third base without any problem.
Zimmerman said he first felt a cramp in his left hamstring when playing this weekend and has been getting treatment, ice and all. He said it was minor and it doesn’t appear it will prevent him from playing.
“It’s nothing bad, it’s just obviously a pain,” he said. “You know, like when you get a cramp in your muscle and you’re sore. But if it stays like this and continues to get better, I’ll be fine. Just going to try to keep an eye on it and try not to do anything too crazy. … Hopefully it’ll take a couple days me like they usually do.”
Wilson Ramos, who landed on the disabled list with a hamstring strain on Sunday, will remain in Washington and receive treatment through the Nationals’ visit to the New York Mets this weekend.