Fans achieved a rare victory in the deal that will keep star third baseman Ryan Zimmerman with the Washington Nationals for most, if not all, of his career.

Clearly, Zimmerman got the financial security and peace of mind he wanted — including another $100 million guaranteed and a full no-trade clause — to remain in Washington through at least the 2019 season. The Nationals scored a big public relations payoff while rewarding the face of their franchise.

The win-win outcome for Zimmerman and the Lerner family, who are on an ownership hot streak, all but guarantees Zimmerman likely will be in a Washington uniform for a long time. Now, Nationals fans have the unique opportunity to follow an elite, homegrown athlete throughout the majority of his career with his original team. It seems Zimmerman will be one of the exceptions to the rule in sports. That's just the sort of thing that could help the Nationals become the region's top sports franchise.