After Thursday’s preseason opener, Jets quarterback Mike Vick let the cat out of the bag regarding the possibility of entering games as a change-of-pace option to starter Geno Smith. On Saturday, coach Rex Ryan addressed the possibility of using Vick as a role player in games that count.

“I remember pulling off a guy and running direct snaps,” Ryan said regarding the possibility of a change-of-pace quarterback creating disruptions. “I remember Cleveland had [Josh] Cribbs at one time. It’s been done and teams have been successful doing it. You look at Miami with Ronnie Brown. I think it’s who your personnel is. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be a disruptive thing. It could be something that’s to your advantage.”

Ryan didn’t directly address whether Vick would be used as a change-of-pace option during games, based on the transcript circulated by the team. The questions seemed to focus more on keep Vick healthy in the preseason, especially in light of Vick’s display of the mobility that has at times gotten him injured — and the Jets’ recent history of getting quarterbacks injured in the preseason.