The Celtics success without Rajon Rondo has been pretty obvious so far. But will it last into next season when Rondo returns? Will the C's work out a way to play better with him, or will he continue to dominate the ball?

Gary Tanguay and Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe discuss.

"My question is, is he sitting and watching and taking notes and reevaluating himself?" Ryan wondered. "We now can see, and didn't I sit here and tell you he was the selfish assist guy? He holds the ball for too long in order to get the assists, passes up shots … all which is true in my judgment. Ok, next year does he change? Or does he say, 'I'm Rajon Rondo. I was going to start in the All-Star game. I'm the best point guard in the NBA.' If he comes back with that attitude, next year is going to be a big mess. If he comes back with the appropriate team religion, they'll benefit greatly, but I'm not thinking that's going to happen."