When the Lakers drafted Ryan Kelly with the 48th pick in the 2013 NBA draft they knew the 6-foot-11 forward was still recovering from a foot injury.

Despite undergoing surgery in April Kelly still isn't quite read to participate in the team's training camp which kicked off on Saturday.

"I've been medically cleared by the doctors" Kelly said. "Now we're just taking our time obviously because I haven't been able to run fully for a while now."

Ryan is running on the Lakers' Alter-G treadmill which helps support a percentage of his body weight.

"We're at 90% today" said Kelly on Saturday running on all but 10% of his 230 pounds. "You've got to get to 100% before you're running on the court."

The challenge for Kelly whose contract is not guaranteed is getting the opportunity to prove himself before the Lakers are forced to trim the roster from 19 players to no more than 15.

"I can only do what I can do. I'm listening to the training staff and when I'm ready to go I'm going to give my all" he said. "There's a reason the Lakers drafted me. They saw what they saw in me. I have the opportunity to show that a little bit. I think I have a very good chance."

It's a frustrating situation for the former Duke Blue Devil who may lose a spot to a forward like Elias Harris Shawne Williams or Marcus Landry. Kelly's a unique player with great size along with a true outside touch.

"I wanted to be in a position where I was in the best shape of my life going into training camp. God dealt me a little bit of a different hand I understand that" he said. "I'm going to make the best of my situation."

The recovery process has taken far longer than Kelly hoped.

"I started at about 70% and I've just been working up 2% every day" he said. "Now I've been medically cleared. I have no pain and no problems it's just getting your body to a point when you haven't run in months you've got to get into shape."

His schedule should see him running on 100% of his body weight on Thursday. Once he proves that he has no ill effects from the added workload Kelly can finally start getting back to basketball -- although it may still be some time before he's cleared for contact.