Matt Hasselbeck says he is “still in shock” about the Titans’ decision to drop him in favor of Ryan Fitzpatrick.

He shouldn’t be.

The Titans replaced one quarterback with a better quarterback.

Any other questions?

Notice I didn’t say BACKUP quarterback. Fitzpatrick may be exactly that in the near term, but let’s not fool ourselves. As we approach a crossroads season, everybody’s job is on the line. And that includes Jake Locker’s.

The acquisition of Fitzpatrick is in step with previous offseason moves by the Titans. After years of taking the path of least resistance and trying to keep everybody happy, management finally is treating the team like the multimillion-dollar business it is.

And it’s about time.

Let’s be clear: Locker is the No. 1 quarterback at present, and all the higher-ups at Titans Central desperately want him to keep the job. He’s their guy. Everybody from the head coach to the general manager to the scouting department signed off on him as the eighth pick in the 2011 draft. If he doesn’t develop into a franchise quarterback, it is an indictment of their judgment.