There's no good time to have Ryan Braun out of the lineup.

But the Milwaukee Brewers leftfielder will be watching from the dugout today -- and possibly tomorrow -- as he tries to get over a nagging injury to his right thumb.

The Brewers are also without third baseman Aramis Ramirez, who played three consecutive games and is getting a planned day off, making their series opener against the Minnesota Twins at Miller Park a real challenge.

Carlos Gomez is hitting third and Yuniesky Betancourt fourth in place of Braun and Ramirez.

"I've basically been swinging with one hand for two weeks," Braun said. "I've changed the bat, I've changed the way I've swung, and it's frustrating. Obviously it's not progressing or getting any better at all, so it's just at the point where I need to take the time to get it close to being healthy so I can contribute and do the things that I'm used to doing."

Braun, who missed an entire series earlier in the season with neck spasms, said his thumb has been troubling him for some time.

"It's been getting progressively worse. It hasn't been getting better," he said. "I also haven't had the luxury of taking any time off, so I'm not going to swing a bat or do anything today, and hopefully it gets better.

"I don't want to put a timetable on it. Maybe I show up tomorrow and it gets a lot better. Trying some different things treatment-wise, and hopefully they're able to figure out something that makes a difference."

Manager Ron Roenicke said Braun might need a few days off to try and calm the thumb down.

"They're hard to just try to battle through, obviously because every time you swing you're going to feel it," he said. "I knew yesterday was going to be an issue, and we talked about maybe giving him yesterday off and playing today.

"He thought he could go yesterday -- they had the left-hander. We'll see how he is tomorrow, but it may be a couple days."

Braun, who's hitting .311 on the season, has homered only twice in the month of May. He drove in three of the Brewers' four runs yesterday with a bases-loaded double, but also hasn't looked entirely comfortable at the plate.