The Clippers now have their backs against the wall in the second round of the NBA playoffs against the Thunder. The real question is...were they totally screwed by the officials in the waning moments of Game five.

With 11.3 seconds remaining on Tuesday night the entire basketball world went silent while the refs viewed the replays at the scorer's desk. After much deliberation the ball was awarded to the Thunder and Game 5 was essentially over.

Water coolers and social media are buzzing with opinions this morning. What is your opinion? 

Here is the play with a couple of replay angles:

Clippers' coach Doc Rivers wasn't too happy with the call and called foul on the entire replay system after the game. He'll be fined for that.

Opinions are like a**h***s...everybody has one. Here's mine.

I'm, generally, a conspiracy theorist. Any time that I can point my finger at "the man" and scream that the fix was in...I'm all in. In this case it was not a fixed situation. The NBA is not conspiring to get Donald Sterling's team out of the playoffs. Say what you will...the Sterling situation has been great for NBA playoff TV ratings.

Everyone in the world saw that Matt Barnes fouled Reggie Jackson on that play in question. Everyone in the world should also be able to see that Matt Barnes did not touch the ball and the refs got the out-of-bounds call wrong (despite what they will yell and scream at the office water cooler).

What happened was that the refs looked at the replay and wanted to make sure that the end result was correct, no matter how they get there. They saw that they got the out-of-bounds call wrong and also saw the missed foul call. The foul call is not reviewable so they adjusted their opinion on the out-of-bounds call in order to get the end result correct.

Doc Rivers is right...the Clips got screwed. The referees missed the foul, they have to live with that. Fouls are missed all of the time. Should have been Clippers ball with 11.3 seconds left.

Either way...amazing game.