There wasn't really a signature moment for Derrick Rose but on a night of over-the-top hype for a returning talent such as his this would have to pass for one.

With 9 1/2 minutes left in the third quarter of his first game in 17 months Rose picked up a loose ball near half-court. He gathered his dribble focused his eyes on the basket. It was just Rose and the open court -- Rose and the rim.

He was back in his domain. The open floor and the basket were at his mercy again.

As Rose soared in for a breakaway dunk the takeoff finish and landing were all picture perfect. With that -- and with an assortment of other lightning-fast moves and a little rust too -- the former MVP announced his return in a preseason statement heard 'round the NBA.

"I've been preparing myself for this moment for a year and a half now" Rose said at his locker after the Bulls beat the Pacers 82-76. "So [I was] just being prepared for this and continuing to go out there and know how blessed I am to be stepping back on the court again especially with these guys."

As fast dynamic and electric as ever Rose reclaimed his place in the superstar stratosphere on Saturday night -- reconnecting with the game reigniting our fascination with his one-of-a-kind gifts after so much time away.