Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has become known for his offseason training regimen and the many people at his employ to help him change his body to the desired effect. In 2016, Wilson wanted to be sturdier so he added muscle and weight. After finding a loss of mobility that season, Wilson went the opposite way in 2017 and slimmed back down. He not only trains his body but his mind with a mental coach on his staff, too.

Now, he's even bringing a legendary boxing figure into his circle of trust. Earlier this week, Wilson posted on his Instagram, showing he was working with one of the best boxing trainers of all-time in Freddie Roach.

Roach has trained boxing legends like Manny Pacquiao and James Toney as well as a dabbled in the MMA world. Obviously, Wilson isn't looking at a career change but instead is trying to gain the health and agility benefits that training in that realm has to offer.