Russell Westbrook came to the NBA podium Wednesday afternoon much like he came to the NBA podium Tuesday night.

A changed man.

After a historic Game 4 in the NBA Finals, a 43-point night that put Westbrook in the company of Elgin Baylor and Jerry West and Michael Jordan, the Thunder point guard has a new prefix.

No longer superstreak. Superstar now precedes Westbrook's name. Westbrook has been knighted.

What else can be said after a jaw-dropping performance that didn't end in victory but ended in assurance of just how special is this Thunder duo of young guns. Westbrook and Kevin Durant give the Thunder a locked-and-loaded duo for at least the next four years that can trump any NBA franchise for talent supremacy.

Probably not in these NBA Finals. The Heat's 104-98 win Tuesday night puts the Thunder in a 3-1 hole, and teams don't emerge from 3-1 holes, though put anything past Durant and Westbrook at your own risk.