His shirts are louder than the boisterous crowds at Chesapeake Energy Arena. His thick-rimmed eyewear appears to have been inspired by former talk show host Sally Jesse Raphael or hip-hop legend Darryl Mac from Run-DMC — and he proudly takes credit for starting the trend of not wearing lenses.

Russell Westbrook is oblivious to criticism of his eccentric, nerd-chic fashion sense and follows each head-scratching outfit with a look that's bolder and more perplexing. Westbrook takes a similar approach to those who attempt to denigrate the spastic way he approaches the game of basketball.

Still getting acclimated to the attention he has received since the Oklahoma City Thunder became a relevant franchise, Westbrook takes in stride the harsh assessments — such as Hall of Fame point guard Magic Johnson declaring at halftime of Game 2 of the NBA Finals that Westbrook was "the worst point guard in the championship finals I've seen."

Westbrook comes back seemingly more defiant.

"The more negative you hear, the better you're doing," Westbrook said, as the Thunder and Miami Heat prepare for Game 3 on Sunday at American Airlines Arena. "That's how I look at it."