I really hope you didn't already buy Russell Westbrook a three-pack of new Jeff Van Grundies for his 25th birthday. Dude's apparently all set on that score.

Via TMZ's "well-placed underwear sources," duh:

Our well-placed underwear sources tell us ... Russell inked a huge deal with Kings and Jaxs that will require him to not only model the undies, but will also give him creative and design input.

FYI — K&J prides itself on how the underwear is built to let your man parts breath [sic] — the web site says, "The little man doesn't like to be restricted with little or no oxygen."

I'm going to guess "Pokerface" and "Prism" will be the Oklahoma City Thunder point guard's preferred undergarments, given his predilection toward bright and flashy wardrobe choices, though I suppose part of being a spokesmodel and brand ambassador is consistently rotating the stock, which is not a weird euphemism. TMZ initially reported that Westbrook's contract was a "six-figure deal," but has since backed off that claim; I guess their underwear sources aren't that well placed.