Yahoo Sports reports that Russell Westbrook has a target date "as soon as February 20th" after the All-Star Break for his return from arthroscopic surgery.

It was Westbrook's third surgery since tearing his meniscus in a playoff series against the Rockets last spring. The Thunder always expected Westbrook to get back sooner rather than later, and will be happy to have his aggressiveness and scoring ability back on the floor. People outside Oklahoma City, however, have questions about what the re-addition of Westbrook will do to surging Thunder, who have won ten straight.

Kevin Durant has cemented himself as the MVP frontrunner, and has put up spectacular numbers during this latest stretch. Durant's streak of 30-point-plus games ended Friday night ... because the Thunder were up by so much vs. the Nets they didn't need him. So the question people have is: Will the return of the aggressive Westbrook limit this brilliance of Durant, and will that spell frustration for KD and the Thunder?

Here's where I come down on this: Something that gets lost while we're all watching these crazy individual performance is how much they physically take out of that person. LeBron's best statistical seasons were in Cleveland, specifically 2010. But the toll was extreme on him and made it all that much harder when defenses keyed in on him in the playoffs. The simple process of physically throwing the ball/shooting the ball/rebounding the ball takes a toll on the players and lowers their efficiencies. It's why we saw what we did in the playoffs last year when the Grizzlies put Durant through a gauntlet to slow him down.

The Thunder supporting players are better this season, and more ready to contribute. But they still need that other guy. It's why so many one-star teams say they need that other player. The Thunder have that. He just happens to not take a backseat to Durant. As for OKC, ESPN reports they think watching how this team has evolved will change how Westbrook approaches his play when he returns.