A bit of dissection of the big transaction is in order

So, what's new??

A bit of a night, wasn't it?

We'll stick with the usual format but be focused on the big deal, okay?



(Well, maybe four or five, depends on what kind of roll I get on)

An interesting dynamic

You know what I'm wondering a lot in all of this?

How Dwane Casey's going to work with what Bryan Colangelo's given him.

Now, I am not for a second suggesting there's any kind of conflict there, they get along, they want the same thing, they have as solid a relationship today as they did the day Bryan hired Dwane.

But . . .

We all know Dwane likes to coach with a defensive bent and with a rather controlled offence that will take its shot at an early shot in transition but one that he'd like to have that relies on a steady hand on the tiller if that doesn't happen.

That doesn't exist with the new group, I don't think.

The Raptors are, as far as I can glean from what I've seen and heard, going to be far more high risk at both ends of the court than Dwane would like, I bet.

They will gamble on defence — and gambles seldom work — and they will be far more improvisational on offence. Kyle Lowry, who was very good in Atlanta, is not the precise, scripted kind of guard, at either end of the floor, that the coach prefers.

I don't presume things will deteriorate at all between coach and players but I do think Dwane's going to have to temper some of his expectations about his team and how that team is going to play.

There has to be more

Bryan told us after the game (and it's in here somewhere)(and it's in here somewhere) that he thinks more could be coming in the three weeks before the trade deadline.

And it has to.

I know he'll continue to try and find a new home for Andrea Bargnani (and Bargnani went through shootaround on Wednesday and could be back in action on the weekend at the latest) but there has to be at least one other move.