Ricky Rubio hobbled in the glamorous footsteps of Halle Berry when Mobilegs crutches brought the injured Timberwolf to Tuesday's dog-and-pony show.

Mobilegs are award-winning, ergonomically correct crutches designed by Minnesotan Jeff Weber.

I first saw the crutches with the meshed arm saddle a few weeks ago when I visited WCCO-TV anchor Frank Vascellaro, who was recuperating from left hip replacement surgery. Vascellaro absolutely raved about the crutches, which he described as "cool looking" as he explained how they work and talked about the theory behind their design and the local guy who created them. (Dear "Where's Frank?" e-mailers: Since I wrote that he had bum hips back when I reported that his right hip was being replaced, I didn't think there was any rush to write about his latest surgery. As you can see, he returned to work on Tuesday.)

Speaking to media for the first time since injuring his ACL March 9 against the Lakers, Rubio said he already hates his crutches and can't wait until he doesn't need them. The rookie guard is too young to appreciate this advancement in crutch technology.

"The fundamental design of crutches hasn't changed for over 150 years," according to Jeff Stoner, veep of sales and marketing for Bloomington-based Mobilegs.