Ruben Tejada’s season ended Wednesday night when he broke his right leg chasing a fouled pop up in the ninthh inning of the Mets 5-4 win over the Giants at Citi Field. The Opening Day shortstop who was injured and demoted this season made the play stayed in for the final out of the inning but hobbled off the field with much about his future with this team still in doubt.

The Mets rallied for four runs in the bottom of the inning capped by Josh Satin’s first career walkoff single. Satin who was to Tejada’s right at third base Wednesday night said he was concerned about the shortstop after the play.

“I kind of gave him a thumbs up….he smiled back so I thought he was OK” Satin said “but then when we were coming off the field I could see he could hardly walk.”

Tejada went racing back into shallow left field on Angel Pagan’s pop up with one out in the eighth. Andrew Brown who had just been switched from right to left field came rushing in. As the came within striking distance Brown went down and slid trying to avoid Tejada who tried to hurdle Brown.

“He caught my trailing leg pretty hard” Brown said. “I feel really horrible.”