It is entirely possible that Royce White has things correct and it's all of us who are mistaken. It is possible that all of us have been thinking about this Royce White "situation" from an ass-backwards perspective and it might be time we made better use of our time and energy. At least that's what White thinks.

Before I continue I have to get this out of the way in the interest of full disclosure and all that. I'm not entirely comfortable sharing this but I feel like I must since it undeniably affects my opinion on the subject matter. Around this time last year I was in the tail end of a 254 day stretch at a treatment facility for substance abuse. And this wasn't the kind of day spa/rehab that celebrities check into to get their balls tickled for a few days. This was the kind of place where you aren't allowed chocolate or cigarettes, let alone a television to watch Rockets games. Additionally, I have a disposition to bouts of intense anger and frustration. I constantly use humor to downplay and diffuse the severity of this condition and although it's been 16 months since my last "episode;" I know that -- if left unchecked -- my rage will cause me to inflict harm onto myself or a loved one.

Because of this, I'm inclined to think that I should be supportive of White's plight. Substance abuse and general anxiety disorder are both mental illnesses that can break you down from the inside if you let them. One might think that having something so personal in common with the subject of this piece would make me an ardent advocate of White's. But it wasn't like that at all. Something about the White saga hit a little too close to home. The story was a little too familiar and I didn't like it. As much as I can empathize with and ignore the obvious lunacy of wanting to be an NBA player with a severe fear of flying, my gut told me that White should simply suck it up and go to work. And I know I wasn't alone in this line of thinking.