I don't think too many fans will argue Dayton Moore has done quite a bit to improve the starting pitching on this team – but how much has it improved?

Back in September, I took a look at the Kansas City rotation versus an average staff using fWAR. An average AL rotation had an fWAR of 9.65, while Kansas City's, at that time, was a 7.3…well below average. By the end of 2012, it had gone up to a 7.6…still well below average.

At the time, I was examining whether getting a couple of number three starting pitchers would be enough to get us to that average mark of 9.65…of course, the Royals have almost completely overhauled the rotation at this point, so I'm going to go back to that fWAR number and try to see where the team sits as of right now.

We'll start with James Shields, the new ace of the rotation who came over from the Tampa Bay Rays. For his career, Big Game James has a cumulative fWAR of 25.3 over the span of seven years. I'm going to toss out the first season, which only saw him throw 124.2 innings, and begin with his first full season. That gives Shields a total fWAR of 23.4 in six seasons from 2007-2012. During that stretch, Shields has an average fWAR of 3.9…not too shabby, and puts the Royals more than halfway to that 7.3 number. We're off to a good start.