Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano said he’s moved on from the events that led to being booed during last summer’s Home Run Derby at Kauffman Stadium.

As for Royals fans? Not just yet.

They shattered Cano with a round of boos in his return to Kauffman Stadium on Friday night, using Cano’s first-inning trip to the plate to continue their show of displeasure. The animosity toward Cano began last year, when he passed on adding Royals designated hitter Billy Butler to the Home Run Derby roster.

Prior to Friday’s series opener with the Royals, Cano said the events during last year’s All-Star Game are behind him, even if Royals fans feel differently.

“One thing I can say (is) I love to come here and play here,” Cano said. “Whatever happened last year, it’s already in the past.”

The feeling apparently isn’t mutual.

Cano was booed throughout a homerless round during the Home Run Derby at Kauffman last July, as well as the All-Star Game the following night. Cano commented that the boos didn’t bother him, but he took exception to what he viewed as fans’ mistreatment toward his family, particularly his mother, who was wearing a Cano jersey in the stands.

“It’s not surprising to get booed because that’s part of the game,” Cano said Friday. “Everywhere we go, when you play for the Yankees, most of the stadium is going to boo. But the (incident) with (my) family in the stands, I was surprised.”

Nevertheless, Cano said it’s a thing of the past. On Friday, he finished the night two for five with an RBI single.