Royals closer Greg Holland offered a glimpse into the mind-set typically adopted by players in dealing with the ups and downs of a long season — and how it varies from the public’s sharper mood swings.

Asked whether he sensed a more upbeat mood in the clubhouse after three straight victories, Holland shook his head … and then tried to explain.

“When we lost eight straight, I showed up at the yard ready to win that day,” he said, “I try to shrink things down to one pitch, one inning and from there, one game.

“If you look at it that we’re eight (games) back, or whatever we were when we weren’t playing well … you can kind of dig yourself a hole if you start thinking too broad.

“You’ve just got to focus on today and chip away. Play as good as you can and win that day. If you don’t win, you wake up the next day ready to win that one. That’s kind of how I go about it.”

Holland added he does believe the Royals handled their recent struggles (4-19 from May 6-29) better than in previous years.

“Last year, I think at times we kind of got down on ourselves as a team,” he said. “Being young and not really struggling that much in the minor leagues, we learned from it.

“This year, we’ve stayed confident. We’ve played well. It’s not like we were getting blown out. We just hadn’t got that timely hit. But the last few games, we’ve done that.”