There were times last year when Royals center fielder Lorenzo Cain, like most everyone else, wondered why he couldn’t stay healthy.

“It really ran through my head that I was injury-prone,” he admitted. “This is what I’ve worked hard for all of my life – to get to the big leagues. Now, I was finally here, and I kept getting injured.”

And now it’s starting again.

Cain is battling a muscle strain between the knuckles on his right hand that surfaced during one-handed drills recently in the batting cages. All indications suggest it’s a minor ailment; he should be back to taking part in full workouts by the end of the week.

Even so…he’s battling to control his frustration.

“Especially after what I went through last year,” he said, “I definitely didn’t want to deal with this right now. I was starting to feel good swinging. But it’s only a few days, and it’s best that it’s a few days now than later on. I’ve got time. It’s still early.”