It's a good thing the no call on what should have been a roughing the kicker penalty in the first half of their game against the Houston Texans didn't cost the Indianapolis Colts the game Sunday night.

Colts punter Pat McAfee managed to get a punt off despite Texans linebacker Bryan Braman running him over and never touching the ball. Pagano said he was told the play was not reviewable Sunday night. It turns out the play is actually reviewable Pagano and a league official said Monday. The Colts coach was made aware of that just minutes prior to meeting with the media Monday evening.

“You never want to jump the gun with those things,” Pagano said. “That's why you ask. I was told that it's not challengeable. I guess they came back and talking to our people and looking back on it, there is something in the rule book there that says you can apparently. We're going to investigate it further and make sure I don't miss that (again).”