New Timberwolves President of Basketball Operations Flip Saunders has been on the job now nearly four months during which he has reshaped the roster by signing Nikola Pekovic Kevin Martin Chase Budinger Corey Brewer and Ronny Turiaf to guaranteed contracts worth nearly $120 million. After finalizing a five-year $60 million deal with Pekovic on Friday Saunders discussed a busy summer the five weeks remaining until training camp and some of his discussions with team owner Glen Taylor and coach Rick Adelman.

Q Is this job harder than you thought it’d be?

A No. When I coached I was always pretty active in the personnel side of things. Were there some challenges? Yeah there were challenges trying to change the culture — how we operate internally and externally — so all parties understand what you’re trying to do.

Q Anything you understand now about the job that you didn’t four months ago?

A I don’t think so. People talk about the importance of the agents and how they can dictate things; I believe my year with ESPN helped me tremendously in dealing with media and even agents. You understand these people have an agenda and you have to respect what their agenda is. It might not be the same as yours and you might not like what they’re doing but it’s not out of spite to you. It’s because they have a job to do. You have to respect that. I understand that more now and I don’t take it maybe as seriously to be honest as I would have in the past.