Rajon Rondo was always known to be close to his Boston teammates. He took the trade of Kendrick Perkins to Oklahoma City two years ago very hard as that was his best friend. He was notoriously close with Kevin Garnett. Rondo is a mercurial figure and a hard nut to crack but seemed to have really developed a brotherhood with his felow Ubuntu Celtics teammates.

So how did he feel on draft night when KG and Paul Pierce were traded to the Brooklyn Nets after Doc Rivers left to coach the Clippers?

He felt nothing. From the Boston Globe:

Asked about the departures of Doc Rivers Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett Rondo was unemotional.

"It wasn't difficult at all" said Rondo. "I didn't feel anything. I actually landed in LA the night of the draft. I had 45 text messages come through the phone. I thought I was traded.

"It's not the first teammates that I've been close to who were traded away -- Perk Tony Allen. It's part of the process. This is a fresh start for us a new coach and a new team. I'm excited about the fresh start."