Dressed in Celtics gear yet unable to play Rajon Rondo roamed around the team huddle until he landed next to Phil Pressey at a timeout of the first preseason game. He spoke intently to the newcomer eighth-year veteran to rookie point guard to point guard.

Pressey received in-game knowledge without playing a single minute that night.

The Celtics have three true point guards on their training camp roster: Rondo a four-time All-Star recovering from an ACL injury Pressey and Kammron Taylor a pair that have never played in a regular season NBA game. While Rondo's experience and place in the league could not be more different from his counterparts they are on the same team sharing the same goals.

"He’s welcomed me with open arms" said Taylor. "I think him being a veteran in the league a point guard – the most important position on the floor – he just wants to make sure all the point guards myself Pressey know the offense since we’re new in the NBA."

The Celtics are now Rondo's team. The last remaining member of the 2008 championship squad he is no longer a youngster looking up to his elder teammates. Instead he is a go-to veteran on a recently overhauled roster especially for point guards.

Pressey 22 grew up watching Rondo. He was familiar with the organization through his father's tenure as an assistant coach for the Celtics but the relationship was different once Pressey signed with the team. That voice that he had heard from a distance was now speaking directly to him.

"[The first time he offered me advice] was pretty cool" said Pressey. "He teaches me how to control the game what I should be doing on the offensive end how to run the plays. Every little thing I do he’s in my ear trying to tell me the right thing to do."

At 29 Taylor is older than Rondo in years yet younger in NBA experience. Rondo's vocal guidance is helping Taylor who had been playing in Europe get acclimated in the league. Taylor knew he wouldn't be able to learn from Rondo in preseason games because of his injury and his close attention is proving just as valuable.