It's probably not a coincidence that the guy Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy tabbed to be his assistant special teams coach happens to be known for his riotous expressions and booming provocations.

Anybody who knows Ron Zook, a veteran NFL assistant coach and former head coach of two major college football programs, has seen the steam coming out of his ears or the daggers shooting from his eyes. They have undoubtedly heard him through the crowd noise, too.

Zook was hired last week to help out special teams coordinator Shawn Slocum, but one has to wonder if McCarthy picked Zook in part because he had lost the highest-energy guy on his staff, Kevin Greene, who stepped down to spend more time with his family.

Assistant special teams coach isn't exactly an influential position, but it can be if the guy who fills it can light a fire under the rear ends of the players.

"It's a hard game," Zook said in an media gathering introducing some of the new coaches on McCarthy's staff. "You have to get them to do things they don't necessarily want to do. You have to motivate them to do that.

"There's certain guys on a football team who don't get real excited about special teams. You have to explain to them this is why we have to do this. We all want to get to the Super Bowl. What you can do to help this football team is in this way. Everybody has to be motivated differently."

Zook's primary way is full speed ahead with no plan to use the brake.

As head coach of the Florida Gators, Zook reportedly had the bleachers removed from the practice field so fans had to stand the entire time, same as his players. As head coach of the Illinois Fighting Illini, he reportedly stormed into a fraternity and broke up a fight between some of his players and frat members.

Zook isn't being hired just because of his fieriness. He coached special teams for three seasons (1996-'98) for Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher and two seasons (1994-'95) for Florida coach Steve Spurrier. He also was defensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints for two seasons (2000-'01) before returning to Florida to replace Spurrier as the head coach.