Some of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo's best moments have come when he has had to improvise when a play breaks down.

Coming off two back surgeries in less than a year, including a discectomy last December, Romo believes he can continue to have those moments.

"You guys will never see anything really different," Romo said. "If anything, it's just like, 'You'll play. You'll play. You'll play and then you'll be done playing at 39.' This won't affect, 'Oh, I've slowed down.' You just won't play if you got to that point. You wouldn't be able to."

Romo has said on more than a few occasions he is 100 percent and if he struggled with his movement, then "that means it's not healed. You couldn't be able to play," he said.

"I'll be the same. I'll be able to go."

The Cowboys would want to limit the amount Romo gets hit. He was sacked 35 times last season in 15 games after being sacked 36 times in 2011 and 2012.