In the ongoing saga of Phillies leadership, Jimmy Rollins agrees with teammate Jonathan Papelbon’s assessment that there was a void in that department last year.

“Identity might be the word,” Rollins said. “We had a lot of moving parts last year. Parts coming in, a lot of new parts coming in. Regulars not being around, not being together, you know that bond that forms from being together.

“The bond was broken. We’re back together now. The glue is back together. You can have a lead singer, but without the man playing the guitar and drums it’s a different band.”

The Phillies were without stalwarts Ryan Howard and Chase Utley for the first half last year. Both are now healthy.

Rollins, who was active all of last season, said he was not offended that Papelbon said he saw no leadership on the team in 2012. He added that he and Papelbon talked about team leadership before a golf tournament on Thursday.