It must be the hair.

Although the hands and the hustle certainly help.

Playing pick-and-roll basketball with LeBron James isn't as exotic as it sounds.

It usually means bumping into a sinewy defensive specialist and then having to be ready for a high, hard one.

"LeBron's passes will come in hot sometimes," Chris Bosh admits.

Yet ask James about the most efficient pick-and-role partnerships he has formed over the years and it's, well, a hair-raising experience.

First there was Cleveland Cavaliers forward Anderson Varejao, he of the locks of length. Now it's Miami Heat backup center Chris "Birdman" Andersen, in all his Mohawk mayhem.

"Obviously when I played in Cleveland, me and Andy's chemistry was at an all-time high as far pick-and-roll basketball," James said in the wake of the first-round playoff sweep of the Milwaukee Bucks, "and I kind of see Bird in that same image, a guy who runs into the picks very hard, sets the solid screen and gets off the screen and I'm able to find him on a lot of rolls."

With previous Heat centers during James' three seasons with the Heat, it largely meant having someone who could catch, such as Zydrunas Ilgauskas or Erik Dampier, or someone who could cut quickly to the rim, such as Joel Anthony.

And while Bosh certainly is capable of doing both, his game is as much pick-and-flare for a jumper as it is taking the ball hard to the basket on a pick-and-roll lane cut.