The NFL's competition committee opted against a recommendation last March that would expand the playoff field in the near future. Commissioner Roger Goodell made it clear Tuesday during the NFL Fall Meeting that the issue is back on the table.

The possibility of adding two teams to the postseason is one of the "priorities" for the competition committee in 2014 Goodell said.

"If expanding the postseason would allow other teams to get into the dance and they have the potential of going on and winning the Super Bowl" Goodell explained "that's a good thing for fans that a good thing competitively."

If the new rule is adopted it won't be put into place until the 2015 season because there are scheduling issues next season. Rather than two games apiece on wild-card weekend each conference would expand to three games.

One possibility for squeezing in extra playoff teams is to reduce the preseason from four weeks to three although the two issues are not necessarily related. Goodell reiterated that preseason games are not up to NFL standards.