If Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam was uncomfortable about his standing with the NFL he's probably not anymore after listening to commissioner Roger Goodell speak before the Browns practiced on Thursday.

Goodell basically gave Haslam a vote of confidence. Haslam's company Pilot Flying J is under investigation by the FBI for cheating trucking companies out of fuel rebates they were owed. Haslam has insisted he had no knowledge of the fraud.

"Jimmy Haslam is a man of great integrity" Goodell said via the Cleveland Plain Dealer. "We're proud to have him as an owner in the NFL and think he's going to be a great owner for the Cleveland Browns and their fans here. He's as disappointed as anybody in what happened at Pilot [Flying] J and he's working hard to fix it and correct those issues both from a structural standpoint and to make amends. He's kept me very much involved. I think... as he tells me I was one of his first calls to inform me what was happening after he learned about it and he's been great at keeping us informed."

There's still a chance that Haslam could be indicted in the case but don't look for Goodell to comment on that unless it actually happens "We're not going to play the hypothetical game" Goodell said. "Right now he's addressing the issues. We're confident he's going to deal with it properly."