Rodney Stuckey was eligible for a five-year deal.

But after eight days of training camp, the restricted free agent combo guard signed a three-year, $25-million deal in time to join the Pistons for practice Saturday afternoon.

"It's just a process; I'm glad it's over, though," Stuckey said. "I think the lockout and all that stuff had something to do with it. If it was like a regular season it probably would have got done a lot easier, but it's just a process and I'm happy to be back on the floor with my teammates.

"I got to catch up a lot and learn, but I'll catch up."

It's a good deal for both sides. The Pistons aren't locked in long-term if Stuckey's behavior doesn't improve. Although in four seasons Stuckey, 25, has shown promise, he has become a lightning rod among Pistons fans for bouts of petulance and erratic play. And they might roll their eyes when they see Stuckey is guaranteed $8.3 million per season for the next three seasons, but it's actually a fair-market value contract.