The Green Bay Packers' season came to an abrupt close Sunday night against the San Francisco 49ers.

On Tuesday's edition of the "Aaron Rodgers Show" on WAUK-AM in Milwaukee, the Packers quarterback said that despite the "unfortunate" end to the season, it was one of the "proudest years" he's been a part of in Green Bay -- given the slew of injuries the team went through.

Rodgers believes it's the end of one era and the beginning of another championship run in Green Bay.

"It's the end of a window and the beginning of a new one," he said. "We can open up a window that lasts four or five years."

With 17 unrestricted free agents on the roster, the Packers have many question marks to address.

Despite a potential overhaul, Rodgers said the Packers have the foundation to succeed for the next several years.

"This window has a chance to open up and be really bright for four, five years," Rodgers said. "My contract is for six more years and I expect to be playing well all six."